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The UK Government has a 2050 net zero target across the economy which includes domestic maritime. It is known that domestic shipping emits more emissions than bus and rail combined. 

In March 2022, the UK Government announced £206m for the new: UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE), a new programme within the Department for Transport (DfT) aimed at decarbonising the maritime sector. UK SHORE is delivering a suite of interventions between April 2022 – March 2025 aimed at addressing different barriers to maritime decarbonisation across a range of technology-readiness levels.

This includes its flagship: Multi-Year Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC) which provides R&D match funding for the design and development of pre-commercial clean maritime technologies closer to market readiness. The first two rounds allocated over £35m of government R&D funding to 86 projects across the UK and in September 2022, DfT launched CMDC3 which will allocate a further £60m for demonstrations between April 2023 – March 2025. At this event, attendees will learn about further opportunities to gain R&D funding and have the opportunity to raise ideas for future areas of government investment. 


BARRIERS - The Cleaner Ocean Foundation does not have shares for equity funding, and is largely speaking not for profit, and not a trading organization, thus cannot seek loans or venture capital, to be able to match-fund. Though partners helping to develop new technology can be business-related entities, should elements of the Elizabeth Swann (ES) project be useful in decarbonising commercial shipping. One such element, being solar assistance for the new generation of electric ships and ferries that do not have enough deck area to really make the most of a free natural resource - on the go. The ES System provides a potential solution for that scenario.





The Department for Transport would like to invite stakeholders from across the maritime sector and adjacent industries to the Future of the UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE) event on the 24th of January 2022 in London. 

At this event, DfT will provide an overview of the strategy behind the UK SHORE programme and outline its interventions. This will be followed by sessions for attendees to raise maritime decarbonisation barriers and challenges UK SHORE could look to address in future years. Finally, there will be networking opportunities for stakeholders interested in particular interventions being launched in early 2023. 

This event will be complemented by specific briefing events for individual interventions when they are launched in 2023. We encourage stakeholders to register quickly for in-person attendance as we expect strong interest and there is limited in-person availability. Virtual attendance is also an option. An agenda will be sent out in due course. 

UK SHORE encourage stakeholders from across the maritime sector and adjacent sectors to attend. Lunch will be provided. For any queries, please contact 


INCENTIVISING - Here at JHL, although we are mostly concerned with marine transport, we are worried about the lack of bulk energy storage on land, for load levelling the Grid, and road transport, as it may effect bunkering supplies at ports. Such as paying £140 million to switch off UK wind turbines, in November 2022. All of which energy could have gone to reducing energy cost en-masse, or be exported, earning as estimated £25 billion pounds by 2045. The investment proposals, are most welcome, assuming accurate targeting of those most in need of support, rather than mature businesses, possessed of capacious R&D budgets. Though, a 50% top up may galvanize those at a tipping point as to whether or not to proceed.


The UK, like other economies, needs innovative technology solutions to underpin fresh 'Issue' of currency for growth. Tempered by, significant reductions in CO2, to validify the transition to a Circular Economy, based on sustainable principles. One way of achieving this is to nurture new solutions, and give market value to fresh currency issue. Lest it be the printing of valueless exchange, or worthless bonds.


For the TRIG 2022 programme, as well as their traditional open call, DfT is particularly interested in solutions that address the following challenges: 

- Local Transport Decarbonisation 

- Maritime Decarbonisation 

- The Future of Freight 

- Transport Resilience to Severe Weather and Flooding 

- Improving the Rail Passenger Experience 









Transport is the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the UK, contributing 27% of domestic emissions in 2019. Our transport system must change to deliver the Government’s Net Zero ambition and DfT will drive forwards that change through a longer-term green transport agenda. Sustainability will be at the heart of levelling-up. 


People everywhere will feel the benefits - villages, towns, cities and countryside will be cleaner, greener, healthier and more prosperous and pleasant environments in which to live and work. 



24 January 2023 09:30-16:00

London & Online
Urban Innovation Centre
1 Sekforde St,
London, EC1R 0BE (TBC)





• Decarbonisation of road vehicles (biggest source of emissions)
• Decarbonisation of longer distance modes of transport 
• Accelerating modal shift to public and active transport
• Decarbonising how we get our goods
• Place based solutions and environmental impacts
• UK as a hub for green transport, technology and innovation
• Reducing carbon in a global economy


5 January 2023, the Department for Transport and Connected Places Catapult will host a webinar for those interested in applying for the TRIG programme. During the webinar, you will be able to find out more about the challenges, the programme and ask questions about the programme and the application process.

Register for the 5 January webinar

Please contact Catapult if you have any questions about this competition at: 


You can find out more about TRIG, past cohorts and view success stories HERE



TIME IS MONEY - A note of caution. Read the rules carefully, or you will more than likely be ineligible and your application will not be assessed, if applying in an area out of priority. In keeping with current policies, short term solutions are generally marked higher, than research at a very early stage. We recognize that time and effort put into an application that is not eligible, or stands little chance of success, will be wasted. Your time is money. So, read the small print - and between the lines. Don't waste time that could be better spent elsewhere. The Foundation has wasted countless man hours looking at and even applying for funding (especially EU) only later realizing that the funds were already allocated to all the usual suspects. Brexit was not helping if applying from the UK of course.





The Catapult Network aims to support businesses in transforming great ideas into valuable products and services. They are a network of world-leading technology and innovation centres established by Innovate UK. The idea is to deliver impact across the UK economy, enabling businesses to thrive in global markets, where continuous growth is an unattainable political dream of yesteryear; against global warming and population barriers, against the natural sustainable limits of planet earth. The UK has to adapt by being smarter, more efficient and as self sufficient as practical.



- The Catapult Network


- Cell and Gene Therapy


- Connected Places


- Compound Semiconductor Applications


- Digital

- Energy Systems

- High Value Manufacturing

- Homes & Housing

- Integrated Infrastructure


- Medicines Discovery

- Offshore Renewable Energy

- Satellite Applications



Innovate UK KTN exists to connect innovators with new partners and new opportunities beyond their existing thinking - accelerating ambitious ideas into real-world solutions. Innovate UK KTN is part of the Innovate UK Group – the UK’s innovation agency.

Knowledge Transfer Network Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England No. 8705643. Registered Office: KTN, Suite 218, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH.



RED FLAGS - Check out who the recipients of previous competitions are, to ensure equality at arms. And beware of Red Flags to progress. Where existing stakeholders are the enemy of progress - save for exceptional circumstances. Business is business, it is a cutthroat world we live in. Especially, where statute is against you. See COP15, Target 18: "Identify by 2025, and eliminate, phase out or reform incentives, including subsidies harmful for biodiversity, in a proportionate, just, fair, effective and equitable way, while substantially and progressively reducing them by at least $500 billion United States dollars per year by 2030." Seen by many as being too slow and unenforceable, such as to make strides in 2023.





CATAPULT TRIG Transport Research and Innovation Grants - UK Government Department






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