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Queen of the Seas, Elizabeth Swann


Small development model 1:200 scale



Amid the IMO's slow-motion 'dash' to green shipping, the concept of a fast blue-water, energy-autonomous vessel draws tantalizingly close. Though not something cruise liner or cargo ship operators are likely to embrace in the future, if at all, by virtue of the potential redundancy of existing fleets, dyed in the wool naval architects, too set in their ways to adapt, and associated red flag agendas.


The Clean Queen of the Seas, Elizabeth Swann


CAD DIAGRAM: The Elizabeth Swann is shown here with a wave piercing hull. She is of trimaran configuration with active outrigger hulls (or sponsons) that allow the vessel to trim for very efficient running.



Looking after the wallet is understandable, but visionaries look beyond commerce toward the advancement of knowledge, exemplified by the fictional character Professor Douglas Storm in the Kulo Luna story, also pursued in the real world by a selected few innovators, who lead the way unfettered by the chains of tradition.


So man progressed from clean sails to steam, to diesel and nuclear power, creating a shameful pollution legacy that we would undo, swimming against the tide if you will.








The Elizabeth Swann is an extraordinary design, incorporating features developed on the back burner for want of a bob or two. Progressing despite adversity, as a shining ray of hope for a world where melting ice caps are restored and oceans are acid free, once again full of healthy fisheries and virile marine mammals. It can be done, but not with deniers at the helm. We need sensible people in positions of trust to make it happen, so be careful who you vote for.


Join us if you will for a voyage into the nautical unknown where the Queen of the Seas is a zero carbon vessel that harvests the energy it needs for transit - from nature - as a real boat and also as a character in a modern Moby-Dick inspired graphic novel. 





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