Keira Knightly plays Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean


INSPIRATION - Pretty as a picture. Elizabeth Swann was the Governor's daughter in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. Our zero carbon yacht is at present named after her.





Awareness - Educational live media streaming of weather and wildlife

150th anniversary, Jules Verne: World Hydrogen Challenge 2024

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - Prediction of blue growth importance

80 Days to Round the World - Jules Verne wager

A - Z index of media reports on PlanetSolar world circumnavigation

ABC News - Mayflower returns home beset with glitch June 18 2021

Aden - Yemen

Air Liquide - Energy Observer 14 November 2017, first hydrogen vessel around the world

Air Products - NASA hydrogen bunkering

Aljazeera - AI sea drone readies maiden transatlantic voyage 14 June 2021

AI - Z index of media reports on IBM-Promare unmanned Atlantic attempt

Acidification - Air pollution causing our oceans and seas to acidify

Active Hull - A boat that can trim attitude using moving hull parts

Agreements - Advertising and sponsorship, investments

AI News - Artificial Intelligence, IMB's Edge powered ship sets sail 18 June 2021

Ammonia - Liquid NH3 as a fuel for marine engines and fuel cells

Ancient Egyptian - Solar funerary boats, Khufu

Around the World in 80 Days - Jules Verne inspired zero emission proposal

Artificial Intelligence - AI, the next evolutionary stage of thinking capacity

Atlantic Ocean - Attempt on the zero emission water speed record

Auto Evolution - 19 June media report Atlantic crossing suffers glitch

Autonomy - NOC, Marine technology showcase online event 10-12 November 2020

Autonomous Docking - Future ports unloading for solar & wind powered shipping

Batteries - Lithium & Hydrogen

BBC News - Mayflower Atlantic 16 June, Sails back 19 June

Blackbeard - Edward Teach, was one of the most feared pirates in the Caribbean

Black Pearl, The - Pirate sailing ship

Bloodhound - Royal yacht built by Camper & Nicholsons in 1936

Blue Ribband - The Hales Trophy for the fasted passenger ship to cross the Atlantic

Brenton Thwaites - Henry Turner, Pirates of the Caribbean

Britannia Rules the Waves - A bygone era - Rule Britannia

Bubble Hull - A vessel that closes hatches automatically when capsized

Bunkering - Hydrogen for ports and harbours

Business Plan - Funding of the world's fastest solar powered ship

Cable & Wireless Adventurer - 1998 diesel world record 74 days, 20 hours 58 minutes

Cape Cod - USA

Cape York - Australia

Captain Grant - In Search of the Castaways

Captain Hatteras - Adventures

Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp

Captain Nemo - Onboard AI autopilot

Carbon Credits - Emissions offsetting and trading, United Nation's Kyoto Protocols

Chris Grayling MP - Former Secretary of State for transport

Christopher Columbus - Italian explorer, Atlantic trade winds

Circumnavigation - Autonomous world solar powered proposal

Cleopatra, The Mummy - Sequel to Kulo Luna, John Storm marine adventure

Classification - Of hydrogen tankers and powered vessels#

CINEA - Climate Infrastructure Environment Executive Agency (European)

Clean Maritime Plan 2050 - UK

Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd - HQ in Sussex, England

Climate Change - Warming of planet earth globally

C-NET - IBM powered autonomous ship sets sail across Atlantic 15 June 2021

Colonists - Of the new world, American 13 states

COLREGS - Collision avoidance at sea regulations: Rule 1, Rule 2, Rule 3, Rule 4
                 Rule 5, Rule 6, Rule 7, Rule 8, Rule 9, Rule 10

                 Sections II & III rules 11 - 19

                 Part C Lights & Shapes, Rules 20 - 31

                 Part D - Sound and Light Signals, Rules 32-37

                 Part E - Exemptions, Rule 38

                 Part F - Convention compliance verification provisions Rules 39 - 41

                 Annex I - Positioning and technical details of lights and shapes
                 Annex II - Additional signals for fishing vessels in close proximity
                 Annex III - Technical details of sounds signal appliances
                 Annex IV - Distress signals indicating need of assistance

                 Norway, Trondheim University, Autonomous marine operations

Compliance - Carbon offsetting

Computers - Navigation and onboard AI

COP 26 - Climate change Conference of the Parties, United Nations, Glasgow, Scotland 2021

Corporation Tax - Allowable advertising expenses & return on investment

Covid-19 - An advantage for unmanned shipping to reduce virus spread

Crowdfunder - £102,940 raised for the Mayflower AI autonomous ship

Cryogenics - Super cooled liquid hydrogen fuels and vessels

Daily Mail - Mayflower coastal testing readies for Atlantic crossing 30 April 2021

Darwin -

Deep Speed - Virtually silent & hyper efficient electric rim motor jet drives from Italy

Department for Transport - UK Government Department DfT

Design Innovation Network - Launch, UKRI KTN 24 February 2022

Dividends - Achievement is our reward


DNV-GL - Classification and technology organization based in Norway

Drag - Hull performance curves (estimates)

Drawings - Hull, helm, sponsons, galley, space & other frames, outriggers, foils

EarthRace - Bio diesel powered circumnavigation record 2008 in 60 days 23 hours, 49 minutes

Electrics - Wiring diagrams

Elizabeth Swann - Character in Pirates of the Caribbean played by Keira Knightly

Energy Observer - A sun and wind (hydrogen) powered catamaran designed by Nigel Irens

                        - Media A - Z, Forbes 6 July 2021

English Channel - Solar powered water speed record attempt

Espen Sandberg - Director, Pirates of the Caribbean

EU - European Union and Commission - Research, grant funding incentives

                                                      - Green Deal 2050 climate neutral policy

FCH-JU - Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, EU consortium developers & funding

FCS Alterwasser - Zemships, hydrogen fuel cell 100 passenger river cruiser, Hamburg

Fiji -

Fit For 55 - EU RED revisions to policies designed to ensure CO2 reductions by 2030

Flag States - Top 10 countries for registration of your merchant ship or private yacht, ensigns

Floatation - Displacement that keeps a vessel buoyant, or afloat

Flowfit - Harrier Fluid Power Ltd

Flying Dutchman, The - Sailing ship

Fossil Fuels - The fuels that accelerated our technology, at the expense of warming the planet

Fudzilla - 21st Century Mayflower robotic ship decided to give America a miss June 2021

Fuel Cells - To convert hydrogen to electricity for marine applications

Galapagos Islands -

Geoffrey Rush - Captain Hector Barbossa

Gibraltar -

GIS - Geographic Information Systems Vs Geospatial data


Global Warming - Planet earth's temperature increase changing our climate

GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System

Gold Standard - Carbon emission carbon reduction

Gore Verbinski - Director, Pirates of the Caribbean

GPS - Global Positioning System using satellites

Grant Shapps MP - UK Secretary of State for transport 2020/2021


Green Deal - European Commission's Research and Innovation Directorate calls

Greenhouse Gases - The air polluting gases created by burning fossil fuels

Guardian, The - Launch of PlanetSolar 1st April 2010

Guinness Book of World Records - PlanetSolar 4th May 2012

Hales Trophy - The Blue Ribband

Havyard - Norwegian Fjord's coastal cruise ship, liquid hydrogen fuel cell & battery powered

Helm - Forward cabin, seating and instrument consoles

Henry VIII - English King rebels against Rome forming Church of England

HMS Queen Elizabeth - Dreadnought class battleship launched 1913

HMS Queen Elizabeth - Nuclear powered aircraft carrier launched 2014

HMY Britannia - Royal Yacht 1953 - 1997

Horizon Europe - €100 billion research and innovation programme for 2021

Horizon Europe - UK's eligibility for funding of collaborative R&D

Hull Design

Hydraulics - Flowfit suppliers of marine grade pumps, rams and motors


Hydrofoils - Retractable wings to reduce hull drag and heave resistance

Hydrogen Batteries - Hydrogen tanks & fuel cells combined to form an energy cartridge

Hydrogen Blending Standards - Vancouver British Consulate, US, UK, Canada 15 February 2022

Hydrogen Peroxide - H2O2 for use in fuel cells

Hydrogen Tanks - Elizabeth Swann's large, high capacity storage cylinders for 4,000nm range

Ian McShane - Blackbeard (Edward Teach)

IBM - Artificial Intelligence

IMO - IGC Code of Construction for Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk 

       - Interim Recommendations for Carriage of Liquefied Hydrogen in Bulk

       - Marine Environment Protection Committee, greenhouse gas reduction

Independent - AI powered Mayflower returns to England beset by glitch 18 June 2021

Indian Ocean

InnerSpace - Revealing the underwater kingdom

Innovate EDGE - Support for SMEs under the UK's R&D grant scheme

Innovate UK - Clean smart shipping, MFT maritime (demonstration) competition 2021

IOC - Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, UNESCO

IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, United Nations

ITV News - July 15 2021 Mayflower ship starts journey from Plymouth to Cape Cod

Jack Davenport - Commodore James Norrington


Jameson Hunter Ltd

Javier Bardem - Armando Salazar, Pirates of the Caribbean

Jerry Bruckheimer - Producer, Pirates of the Caribbean

Joachim Rųnning - Director, Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp - Captain Jack Sparrow

Jules Verne - Author of Around the World in Eighty Days & 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

                 - Hydrogen World Challenge (with bunker stops)

Jules Verne 2 - Hydrogen fuel cell powered riverboat at Nantes

Kawasaki - Heavy Industries, ClassNK, Suiso Frontier liquefied hydrogen tanker Approval in Principle

Kaya Scodelario - Carina Smyth, Pirates of the Caribbean

Kevin McNally - Joshamee Gibbs

King Philip's War - Wampanoag Vs Colonists

Kontiki - Thor Heyerdhal's pacific ocean raft

KTN - Knowledge Transfer Network, UK

Kulo Luna - A very special humpback whale

Kyoto Protocol - Valuing carbon pollution for offset trading between countries

                     - Annex B, Article 12

Lego - Brickipedia fandom Pirates of the Caribbean adventure sets and models

Life On Earth -

Lighthouse At The End Of the World

Liquid Hydrogen - For mass energy storage, in ships hulls

Literacy - An educational series based on the voyage of the Elizabeth Swann

London International Shipping Week - 13-17 September 2021

MAN - Hydrogen bunkering

Maritime and Coastguard Agency - UK government departments

MARPOL - Marine Pollution & emissions reduction 74th agenda May 2019

MATS - Marine Autonomy Technology Showcase November 2020

Mayflower Autonomous Atlantic solar boat - Plymouth UK launch, Plymouth arrival USA

                                                              Comms, Design, Navigation, Partners,  

                                                              Sensors, Team, Voyage 2021, Pilgrims 1620

Methanol - CH3OH, syngas production for conversion to hydrogen for fuel cells

Moby Dick - The original anti-whaling epic by Herman Melville

MS Queen Elizabeth - Cunard cruise liner 2010 >>>

Naples - Italy

NASA - Liquid hydrogen bunkering for space shuttles

Natural Environment Research Council - NERC recruitment doctoral training partnership


Net Zero - Zero pollution and sustainable growth based on circular economics

Norled - MF Hydra liquid hydrogen powered car ferry

Nus Ghani MP - Transport minister UK DfT

Nvidia - Computer graphics processors

Ocean  Crew - Mayflower set off on unmanned voyage 15 June 2021

One Planet - Doctoral training partnership, Innovate UK


Orlando Bloom - Will Turner, son of the pirate, Bootstrap Bill

Pacific Ocean

Palermo - Sicily

Panama Canal -

Paris Agreement - UN members Treaty to limit warming to 1.5 degrees centigrade

Penélope Cruz - Angelica

Pirates of the Caribbean - Disney series of 5 films starring Johnny Depp & Jeffrey Rush

Planet Solar, Tūranor - 1st solar powered circumnavigation

Plymouth City Council - Mayflower 400th anniversary commemorations 16 June 2021

Polycarbonate - A very strong plastic used for screens and light enclosures

Port Moresby - Papua New Guinea

Port Said - Egypt

Propulsion - Electric jet thrusters versus propellers

Prospectus - Public participation and exemptions (financial conduct authority)

Queen Anne's Revenge - Blackbeards pirate sailing ship

Queen Elizabeth I - Tudor, 1558 - 1603, Good Queen Bess

Queen Elizabeth II - Windsor, British sovereign 1952 >>> COP26 - Advised not to attend Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II - BBC News: The Queen has died 8 September 2022, R.I.P.

Queen Elizabeth 2 - QE1 Cunard cruise liner from 1969

Queen Elizabeth - Canadian solar powered canal boat 2016

Ra - Egyptian sun god, solar boats

Renewables - Solar and wind generated electricity

Righting - The action of upturning a capsized vessel (see: self righting)

RiverVax - Water filtration cleaning machines to recover micro fibres

RMS Queen Elizabeth - Cunard Line cruise ship launched in 1938

Rob Marshal - Director, Pirates of the Caribbean

RORO - Roll On Roll Off Ferry - Solar & Wind powered concept

Sailing - Tacking, beating (to weather) up and down wind, close & beam reaches

Scout - Autonomous solar powered transatlantic project 2013

SDGs - UN sustainability development goals

SeaKit - First Lloyds certificate for an unmanned marine systems ocean surveying drone

Sealence - Deep Speed™ electric jet drives

SeaVax - Ocean filtration machines to recover micro and macro plastics & fishing nets

Separatists and Puritans, escape to the Netherlands

Shares - Share options for private investors in a humanitarian non-trading entity

Shipping - Carbon dioxide emission 17% world total by 2050 if left unchecked

Sir Francis Drake - Privateer

Sir Henry Morgan - Buccaneer

Sir John Hawkins - Privateer, Admiral

Sir Walter Raleigh - Privateer

Sky News - May 2021, Star Trek ship Mayflower with no captain

Solar Power - Power derived from the sun

Solar Voyager - Autonomous transatlantic boat project

Specifications - Draft

Speedwell - The second of two Pilgrim ships, this one with a leaky hull 1620

Strathclyde University - Maritime Electrification Workshop 2nd March 2022 - SMI, MarRI, DER Scotland

Sub-assemblies - Elizabeth Swann frames & hulls

Suez Canal -

Sustainable Navigation - Using solar and wind power to generate clean electricity

Tahati -

Tank Testing - A water basin in which model boats are tested

Taxation - Corporation deductions

Ted Elliot - Script writer, Pirates of the Caribbean

Tenerife - Canary Islands

Terry Rossio - Script writer, Pirates of the Caribbean

Test Rigs - Ford Transit hydraulics for solar and wind tracking automation 2019

Thanksgiving - US traditional harvest feast and national holiday 4th week in November

Thor Heyerdahl - Kontiki and Ra raft expeditions

Tonga -

Toyota - REXH2

Trade Winds - Using these air currents to assist in the quest for zero carbon shipping

Transatlantic solar record attempt - Scout, Solar Voyager

Treasure Island - Blackbeard's Curse & Pirate's Gold - Robert Louis Stevenson's original

Trident of Neptune - Roman God of the Seas

Trident of Poseidon - Greek God of the Seas

Trim - The angle of a hull in relation to the water it is operating in

Trimarans - What is faster, a catamaran or a double outrigger?

Trinidad & Tobago - West Indies

Tūranor Planet Solar - 1st solar powered circumnavigation, Guinness Book of Records

Underwater - Below the surface of the water, submerged or immersed

UNESCO - United Nations 

United Nations - Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)

US Ambassador - Woody Johnson

Vasco Da Gama - Portuguese explorer 1497 expedition

VAWTS - Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Vector - A force with direction and magnitude

Voluntary - Verified standard carbon trading

Volvo Ocean Race 2006 - Disney's Pirate of the Caribbean yacht 2005

Voyager - Solar powered autonomous transatlantic boat attempt 2015

Wampanoag - The native Americans who helped Pilgrim Founding Fathers, farm and fish

Washington Post - 17th September 2020, Ambassador Woody Johnson Launch

Washington Post - 18th June 2021, turns around shows difficulty of experiment

Water - The cycle of life, H2O

Water Jets - Shaft less electric rim driven propellers

Water speed endurance records, projects and attempts

Waterborne - European Commission's consortium for ZEWT funding

                 - Waterborne smart green innovation marine Workshop 7 February 2022, Horizon Europe

Weight - Hull displacement analysis in 5083 aluminium alloy

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization and patents change to tackle global warming

Wind Power - Sails, HAWT & VAWT turbines

Wing Sails - Rigid collapsible sails, inspired by Walker Wingsails and Solar Sailor

World's Fastest Hydrogen Ship - Blue water, ocean cruiser powered by H2

X Factor - That something special

Yacht No1 - A sailing boat with hydrogen fuel cell assistance, MTU Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance

Youtube - Jackie Wyers the hairstyles of Keira Knightly

Youtube - Jackie Wyers 18th century makeup products, likes & tips

Youtube - LWYMMD, Lucy's Heart movie clips, Taylor swift compilation

Youtube - Xchuck and BlairX, Jessie Jay, Do it like a dude

Zemships FCS Alterwasse - 100 passenger hydrogen fuel cell riverboat

Zero Carbon - Shipping that produces no CO2 emissions in operation

Zero Radiation - Shipping that leaves behind no radioactive waste from atomic reactors

ZESTA - Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association, COP 26 event November 2021

ZEWT - Zero Emission Waterborne Transport, Horizon partnership 


           HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-08 (high power fuel cells)

           HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-13, (digital twins) 

           HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-14 (ammonia)






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