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Elizabeth Swann sporting a HAWT, solar panels and electric jet drives



PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF SCIENCE - The solar and wind powered 'Elizabeth Swann' will feature solar collectors and wind energy harvesting apparatus in an advanced configuration. She is seen here sporting a single VAWT electricity generator. Our mission is to mount a custom built vertical axis machine and test it, in relation to actual commercial routes.







In the quest for more efficient marine propulsion, we are partnering with SuperVawt to test a custom built vertical axis machine, of advanced design.


A vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) is a type of wind turbine where the main rotor shaft is set transverse to the wind (but not necessarily straight & vertical) while the main components are located at the base of the turbine. This arrangement allows the generator and gearbox (if there is one) to be located lower, closer to the sea, facilitating service and repair, and reducing the centre of gravity (roll). 






ACTIVE HULL TECHNOLOGY - The trimaran hull may be trimmed to reduce running drag in suitable conditions - to in-effect - become a stabilized monohull. The leg that is lifted, does not contact wave tips so often, considerably reducing wave interference. A 'Vee' form on the sponson outriggers, softens hull impacts when gliding through the water.




SuperVawt technology increases efficiency by adjusting the angle of attack during each rotation, to increase the sweep where the blade is working positively. The system also lets you control the power of the blade in strong winds. Helicopter blades also change the angle of attack during each rotation, variably controlled by the pilot, and they do so reliably, such that scheduled services may be operated.

This basic principle has been validated by computational fluid dynamics measuring every angle and position around a rotation. You can reduce the power from the turbine to zero or even stall the turbine aerodynamically to stop it.

SuperVAWT is patented technology. The design can increase wind turbine performance by 20-25% over conventional horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTs).












PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF SCIENCE - The solar and wind powered 'Elizabeth Swann' will feature the very latest electric jet drives, solar panel arrays and wind generators - so enhancing the performance of this zero emission yacht. She is seen here with a horizontal wind turbine, aft.






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