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TRL ONE - Level 1 - Basic Research: basic principles are observed and reported

Lowest level of technology readiness. Scientific research begins to be translated into applied research and development. Examples might include fundamental investigations and paper studies, reported observations, leading to a concept that needs to be proven.


The TRL state as commonly applies to technological developments, does not quite equate to how the Elizabeth Swann might be developed, since the concept has been dormant, just a collection of random notes and calculations, coupled with a build up of knowledge of what is currently on the market. Begging the question, why has nobody done this before?


If the supporting technology is not available off the shelf, we might developed custom solutions ahead of, or alongside the vessel build. Once the concept reaches our test tank, we will be ready for maritime shows and climate events, helping to generate interest and capitalization, potentially through our ocean awareness campaigns. Technology readiness is for us, not so much about development, as securing the funds to be able to proceed.


Before that we need to apply the basic laws of physics scientifically, to be able to collect sufficient supporting data, to spur us on the the next stage. The point here is that if your reach an impasse, typically funding related braking, to bank what has been achieved, until an opportunity come along. This of course presumes that the technology champions are still or working age and ability. Alternatively, we need to inspire the next generation of problem solvers.








SCALE - The TRL scale is a metric for describing the maturity of a technology. The acronym stands for Technology Readiness Level. The scale consists of 9 levels. Each level characterises the progress in the development of a technology, from the idea (level 1) to the full deployment of the product in the marketplace (level 9).
















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