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TRL THREE - Level 3 Critical function, proof of concept established

Active research and development is initiated. Laboratory studies aim to validate analytical predictions of separate components of the technology. Examples include components that are not yet integrated or representative.


In the case of the Elizabeth Swann, we need to provide a stable hull, for a lightweight superstructure, on which to mount the PV panels that track the sun. To begin with, this is a given - using a simulated superstructure fixed to a workshop bench. We also need to be sure that electronic reading and motor control for alignment with the sun, works. Thus, mounting of the photo-resistors is critical to success of the experiments, as is the drive-shaft, motor and gearbox, that provides the torque to rotate the PV wings against normal wind pressure.








SCALE - The TRL scale is a metric for describing the maturity of a technology. The acronym stands for Technology Readiness Level. The scale consists of 9 levels. Each level characterises the progress in the development of a technology, from the idea (level 1) to the full deployment of the product in the marketplace (level 9).

















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