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JVH2: Jules Verne Hydrogen Trophy - World Challenge




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Leo, Ryan and Terry at the United Nations climate and ocean event in Bexhill, 19 November 2022




UNA CLIMATE & OCEANS: Members of the Elizabeth Swann team at a United Nations presentation in Bexhill, 19th November 2022. From left to right: Leo, Ryan and Terry. The project benefits from students as young as 14 years, ambassadors for clean marine technology to combat climate change, under the supervision of Fitness Trainer: Terry. This was a local United Nations event in Sussex, focusing on climate and ocean biodiversity, organized by Gonzalo Alvarez, with generous assistance from Sussex Wildlife Trust and many other fantastic event supporters, including RS Aqua.






Design study November 2023: Freedom From Fossil Fuels - The Blue Electric RIbband



FREEDOM FROM FOSSIL FUELS: The climate clock is ticking faster according to the IPCC Sixth Report 2022, speeding up global warming. Now a major challenge for everyone in all walks of life, to reduce carbon footprints by transitioning to renewables. The good news is that climate change is on the things to do list of just about every country in the world, not just those affected by rising oceans, desertification, loss of biodiversity, food and water shortages. We need to act now, to save all our tomorrows.


The Elizabeth Swann is hydrogen powered, using fuel cells. She also generates onboard electricity life support, storing it in batteries - making her energy autonomous as a reserve. Studies show that it is possible to travel up to 4000nm stand alone on hydrogen tanks. We are also keeping a watching brief on ammonia and methanol as fuels of the future, with favorable quotes for methanol bunkering secured, extending range between pit stops to 6,000nm, meaning it is within our grasp to travel Around The World In 80 days. That said, such notions all come to naught for commercial ZEWT operations, without hydrogen bunkering at ports and harbours. Hence, that is the real challenge. This is a test for port authorities and fleet operators all over the globe, not agreed at COP26 in Scotland, looking forward to seeing the outcomes of COP27 as they take effect, alongside COP15, Biodiversity Target 7: elimination of marine plastic. The Elizabeth Swann is a Plastic Free Boat. It's enough to make a humpback whale leap for joy.










It would be fair to say that shipping is the life blood of the global economy, and very necessary in United Nations circular economy terms. Called, Sustainability Development Goals, or SDGs.


Some 11 billion tons of goods are transported by ship each year. Representing 1.5 tons per person based on the current global population. Ocean bound freight carriage is set to grow significantly by 2050.

As of 2019, the total value of the annual world shipping trade had reached more than $14 trillion US Dollars. The shipping industry moves nearly 1 billion tons of iron ore, and 350 million tons of grain annually. These shipments would not be possible by road, rail or air.


Without shipping, intercontinental trade, and the import/export of affordable food and manufactured goods would simply not be possible. But the industry is struggling to identify replacement bunker fuels, with so many choices.


If zero pollution marine transport solutions are not identified expeditiously, trade will suffer. Enter, the Elizabeth Swann demonstrator, armed with anti-piracy measures.







It was Jules Verne, who in 1874, first proposed water as an energy source, in The Mysterious Island. If we move quickly enough, we could mount a World Hydrogen Challenge on the 150th anniversary of his prediction, in 2024 - with the world's fastest & largest hydrogen ship.


The Elizabeth Swann is a 44 meter trimaran design ideal for workboats and coastal ferries. The Swann features the very latest 'Deep Speed' electric jet drives. The Swann incorporates an autonomous navigation system and AI, adding an extra level of safety to operations.








Join us for a voyage of discovery where the Queen of the Seas is (probably) the most advanced zero carbon H2 vessel on the planet. Built of 5083 marine alloy, she is probably also the cleanest, allied to plastic free provisioning. Philanthropists and Patrons are welcome. Our hull is 50% funded as at 20-04-2023. Model development and tank testing is 100% funded.


In April 2023, Jameson Hunter Ltd., granted our team a Trademark License. To be able to use the names 'JVH2' and 'Jules Verne' on the Elizabeth Swann, as an official entry. The race is on, for the Jules Verne Hydrogen Trophy.






NOVEMBER 2023 - Continuous rain in Sussex, England had our workshop flooded out, and then a storm came along to cause a lot more problems. Roof repairs were effected, with other building repairs ongoing. Finally, we got the jig for assembling the 1:20 model into position, with welding and other equipment to hand. Our engineering student is on the case. Next port of call is modifying the jig, to take larger diameter hulls. The proof of concept model has also grown in length. Our engineering student is seen here, getting things together. He is a speaker at the Bexhill Ocean Symposium later this month: 18th. Much of which is to do with how SeaVax spawned from the solar energy harvesting system of this concept. Elizabeth Swann is hydrogen powered, with solar assistance. The design advanced quite a bit in 2023, as you will see in 2024.





APRIL 2023 - These are some of the main components of the 1:20 scale model showcasing 'Elizabeth Swan' technology as a radio controlled demonstrator, which we hoped to be able to attend events, from November of this year, but was not to be. The IMO's target for 2030 is a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared to 2008 levels. The Elizabeth Swann is a clean-sheet-of-paper design, solar and hydrogen powered - so totally 100% zero emission in concept. We hope the IMO will approve.





We aim to showcase this exciting technology as we explore the possibilities for a clean future. The models and full size vessel will be available for film work, as a character in ocean and climate awareness adventures for big and small screens. Including ocean documentary making, exploring the underwater world, for network TV.






A study by the European Parliament found that shipping will amount to 17% of total world CO2 emissions by 2050 if unchecked. The IMO responded with new green shipping targets that many fleet operators believe cannot be met. We beg to differ.


Pressurised and cryogenic hydrogen, methanol and ammonia are being hailed as the new super-fuels, with fuel cell conversion. It sounds great. But then with hydrogen in the running for cars and trucks, will there be sufficient capacity from on and offshore electricity generation to cope?





On the horizon, the concept of a fast blue-water, energy 'autonomous'

ZEWT)vessel draws tantalizingly close. The Cleaner Ocean Foundation is looking to develop the considerable potential of this unique design.


At present fleet operators appear less keen as to the prospects of harnessing energy from nature to meet Kyoto and Paris targets, since nobody is developing this tech for shipping. Yet, they watch the America's, Prada Cup yachts race across the Auckland coast at phenomenal speeds driven only by the wind. 




In marine terminology, the term "autonomous" has two meanings:


1. Concerns an independent energy source for propulsion, and 

2. An, AI vessel that steers itself without human intervention





THE TEAM - We are building a consortium, embracing complimentary partners (Hull fabrication, instruments, paint, solar panels, hydrogen fuel suppliers, fuel cells, batteries, shipboard robotics and Navigation AI). Please contact the Foundation for the latest opportunities. Corporate partners welcome.


In the UK the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018, paved the way for hydrogen fuel at motorway service stations. If similar statute was enacted for Ports and hydrogen fuels, that may help ready bunkering for shipping.


The first liquid hydrogen powered ship, MF Hydra, a 300 car ferry, was delivered to Norled in Norway in August 2021, part funded by the Norwegian Roads Administration, heralding the age of hydrogen ships.


There is as yet no hydrogen (only) navigation record to beat. The opportunity to be the first only comes once. We are hoping to be able to make Verne's dream come true, with our World Hydrogen Challenge Bunkering Route (published in draft in July 2021). What Ensign the 'challenger' will fly, is currently up for grabs. Competitors are welcomed in the quest for speed.





The Elizabeth Swann will be a technology showcase. The ship is also to be used for filmwork, in and around Egypt, to include the River Nile. The prow on the Elizabeth Swann could feature the Cleopatra figurehead, and the stern could be adorned with relief's and an Egyptian styled mask in gold including the famous blue enamel, the artwork for which could be something like, or based on that above.



EGYPTIAN THEMED QUEEN OF THE NILE  - The Elizabeth Swann will be a technology showcase. The ship is also to be used for filmwork, in and around Egypt, to include the River Nile. The prow on the Elizabeth Swann could feature the Cleopatra figurehead, and the stern could be adorned with relief's and an Egyptian styled mask in gold including the famous blue enamel, the artwork for which could be something like, or based on that above. Imagine taking a cruise along the Nile in a zero emission vessel like this. You can help us to make it a reality. Why not get in touch today, to discuss your marketing requirements and partner benefits..







JVH2: Jules Verne Hydrogen Trophy - World Challenge



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