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PlanetSolar heading out into uncharted technical waters. The theory was in place, but nobody knew if this solar powered boat could make it. But they did it flying the Swiss flag!





Members of the Consortium partnership, will qualify for shares in any spin-off (trading) company flowing from the Elizabeth Swann project. This might be particularly relevant to COLREGs compliance issues, commercial (autonomous) shipping and fleet operators looking to convert existing vessels to reduce emissions, or for incorporation in new builds. All in relation to impending IMO hard targets for 2030 and 2040.


Subject to agreement with all concerned, and as an option that need not be accepted or acted upon by any party to such agreement, should the experimental platform deliver as (anticipated) in any commercially viable forward enterprise, the Cleaner Ocean Foundation undertakes to set up a trading company for investment and development purposes, to advance the science of ocean navigation and pollution reducing means. This enterprise will not involve the Foundation, and will become a totally autonomous organisation for the benefit of the funding Partners.


In relation to such enterprise, if deemed to be appropriate, it is proposed that shares will be offered preferentially to project partners, in proportion to their original investment.


Shares will also be offered to other potential investors with the agreement of those with voting rights, or those with clauses as to agreement on such issues, in furtherance of such objects and for the purposes of capitalization, and where development (R&D) yields any clearly identified and viable products, with what is thought to be good commercial maritime prospects, where again, subject to agreement, an eventual stock market floatation may take place.


Please bear in mind that this suggested way forward, is not the prime mover for those involved in the project, and especially not for the Foundation that is driven by a desire for social innovation, but is simply a way of bettering the potential for Returns On Investments, for those participants that need to justify investment at corporate level.





The Cleaner Ocean Foundation works to help protect the "seven seas" from the effects of anthropogenic atmospheric pollution like this ship that is belching diesel fumes like there is no tomorrow. We'd like to preserve tomorrow for our children. You can help us to make this scene a thing of the past.





Business sponsorship, or advertising, is an allowable expense in corporation tax calculations, prior to paying tax in most countries around the world, with the right legal package, by way of a written agreement.





Because you can, and because the oceans need transport solutions.





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